How To Upgrade Your Apartment for Fall Like a French Girl

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I love summer just as much as the next girl, but my apartment is itching to be decorated for fall. I want nothing but pumpkin spice candles and cozy pillows and am ready to never see pastel throw pillows or faux greenery again. Since I am a French girl wannabe (no, really), I decided to research how French girls are updating their homes for fall (because I’m guessing it’s not with a Hocus Pocus doormat or Bath & Body Works candle). And, of course, the current French decor trends did not disappoint. Not only will they get your home ready for more nights in and cold weather, but they’ll also give your entire style a total upgrade. 

Bonus hot tip: Call us biased, but the gorgeous pieces from The Everygirl’s collab with Interior Define come in a variety of shades in luxe velvet fabrics, ranging from chic neutrals to gorgeous jewel tones (but more on that below). Thanks to their timeless design and effortless appeal, we like to think the entire collection has that “je ne sais quoi.” Read on to check out the collection and find out how to update your home for the coziest season like a French girl. 



chair (in citrine) / side table / rug (in grey) / dried flowers / vase / gallery wall set

The weather is getting colder, which means Parisians are trading in their easy breezy neutrals for richer, darker jewel tones. Think: emerald, sapphire, ruby, and cobalt blue. Not only will a jewel-toned accent or furniture piece add a hue of royalty to your home, but it will also make your entire space feel more seasonally appropriate and cozy. 


Geometric accent furniture

couch (in iron) / ottoman / tray / faux eucalyptus / floor lamp / mirrors

This season, French girls are ditching anything that feels too stuffy and making their classic couches feel new again with geometric and modern furniture. Embrace those curves with oval coffee tables, rounded accent chairs, and eye-catching headboards. Aim for a mix of sharp corners (like a square couch) and rounded edges (like a curved chair) for an effortless look. 


Chunky marble

couch (sectional in greige) / coffee table / mirror / coffee table books / floor lamp / faux plant

No surprise: Parisians are all about their marble decor. The stylish (and classy) material goes with a lot of styles and can be found in many different price ranges. Opt for chunkier pieces that are full marble design rather than marble mixed with wood or gold, as it will look newer (and Parisians are all about that I-just-found-this-at-a-flea-market feel). Try it in an accent on your bookshelves or as a side table. 


Mix furniture

couch (the loveseat in sterling) / chair / ottoman / wall prints / plant

PSA: Parisians are not buying matching furniture sets and calling it a day. Interior design is an art, and they want their home to tell their stories. They’ll often mismatch colors or pick furniture from different styles or time periods to look intentionally contrasted. Think: a modern art piece with grandmillenial-style couch and a mid-century coffee table. 


Ornate art

chair (in navy) / end table / rug / Côte d’Azur print / Brigitte Bardot print / The Swing art print / Matisse print / black and white print / statue print / faux peonies

French girls know that art on the wall is like a pair of shoes: It’s the piece that draws the eye and can show off your style. When furniture is simple, a gallery wall can really shine. Don’t be afraid to combine colorful, edgy, and unique works to the walls (remember: The mismatched, effortless feel is the goal), and either mismatch frames for a more eclectic vibe or go with basic white to let the art do the talking. 


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